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What'z good iz my sweet garden of delights.

I delight in watching the blue jays dart in and out overhead until they finally take a risk and land on my bird bath. They first take a swallow of H2o and then they jump in and take a brisk but fun dip before they fly off. How good iz that?

I delight in planting my hands deep into Mother Earth and feeling her joyous release of love spilling out into the crevices of my Being.

I delight in all the plants I've planted kale, collards, celery, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, chard, green onion, mustard greens and carrots. My mouth can't wait until they burst forth and its time to caress them in my mouth. I even delight in the snails who get their fair share of the plants I forgot to spray with garlic oil and soap (smile).

I delight in seeing my cats rest underneath the trees with not a care in the world.

I delight in relaxing in my sacred garden just resting in my Beingness.

I delight in clearing out the dead leaves, branches and rotten fruit and being reminded of the cycle of life and more life.

I delight in loving to love nature and all that's natural.

Peace & Infinite Loving


Relaxing music
My daughter
Memories of Dad
Stargazing in Jasper
Visiting Medicine Lake
Garlic shrimp
Spending time with my son
Playing Settlers of Cataan
Roof over my head
Tiny tomatoes in the garden
Swiss chard game up!!!
Vanilla Bean Lattes
Sleeping in


What makes me smile iz when I get look into the mirror and seeing my perfectly crooked bottom teeth.

Another thing iz hearing people no matter where I'm at laugh from the gut--holding their sides, mouth wide open, throwing their head back totally riding the waves of laugh without any self-consciousness.

Oh! here another one realizing I made a mistake on something, but totally forgiving and even laughing at my deep down innocence and beauty.

Peace & Infinite Loving


Puppy kisses and soft wet manly

Sun in my face, feet in the grass, decorating my house and backyard and Being in my Beingness.

Singing at Agape "Use Me Oh God I stand for you and here I'll abide as you show me all that I must do".

And I love myself so much, so I can love you so much, so you can love you so much and you can start loving me".

And I release and I let go I let the Spirit run my life and my heart iz open wide yes I'm only here for God. No more struggle no more strife with my faith I see the light. I am free in the Spirit yes I'm only here for God". Oh these songs lift me high to the midnight sky!

Forgiveness-compassion-creativity-over flowing joy, peace and LOVE!!

Letting love in and letting love out iz natural like breathing ahhh!

Peace & Infinite Loving


I work in a 1 hour photo lab. A lot of the work is janitorial, maintaining the machines, part of the work is selling, film, cameras etc. The BESTEST part tho' is seeing the pictures!! Nothing makes me smile more than baby pictures, next is complimenting a photographer for a great shot they caught, and making them smile! And just think! They pay me to do this, LOL!


Yesterday I was feeling insecure because my cat is very ill. And whatever I feel, often becomes a portal to all related feelings in the whole world.
But last night a friend and me started to play music and it was elevating beyond words!!!! These are moments that I open myself for more and more, thus every moment is extatic and on this level connected with the whole world.

Thank you

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