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Hi guys. Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
I am from South and too bad know English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: "In the prevalent drag varied, he found in lurid bicycle, and thought up to challenging horror in the wide formation conceived."

Regards :) Polo.


I am a champion because I just signed up for a 8 week mentoring course for writers led by Gay Hendericks and various other successful writers, publishers and marketing experts. This iz what I said as I sent my payment off in the comment box.

In advance thanks for publishing my work on how to Unconditionally Love, appreciate and value oneself and others. This theme will take many forms but the content no matter what the subject will always be the same. I am so thankful and grateful to have sold 7 millions e-books which has assisted countless people in their transformative process towards Unconditional Loving. Thank you for serving humanity and being a benefical presence on the planet.

Peace & Infinite Loving

After I wrote that an idea for a book title came to me, "Infinite Loving". How's that for setting things off and running (ha ha ha ha).


When I was in college, I created a new sport -- bunk jumping -- jumping from the top bunk of a tall bunk bed. No, there were no flips or double-half twists, but I stuck the landing every time. I issued myself a gold medal. ;-)

I am a Champion of Positivity. Most days I find something to be positive about, some way to lift my mood, some way to bring a smile to others. It's been a challenge since I took a new job in an office (I've worked from home most of my life). Boy it's hard not to get sucked into the gossip and the "things are just horrible" mentality. I did that...I followed the current....but now, I'm breaking free! Bunk Jumpers Unite! ;-)


These days the tears in my heart are blooming into flowerdrops showering the soil that I'm willing to make virtile.
Despite unfortunate happenings and expectations from unattuned programms (both out- and inside) I'm finding the courage to believe I can bring my Self into this world as deeply wished for when fairies and angels collided to create me as a unique vibrating color in the great design.
Love has brought me here and trust shall have to guide me further.
Because I am love.
What does'nt fit me will dissolve!
I allready feel YOU and all CREATION, now my challenge is to believe that I have the right to be ME without compromises!
Love you all, take care*

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